Woman Whose Neck Mysteriously Started Bending Backwards, Shares Heartbreaking Story Of What Caused It [WATCH]

Mujawayezu Emma, a young lady, has told the terrible story behind her twisted neck.

When it first started, she said, people insulted her and called her an alcoholic.

She said she had a small illness that caused her neck to bend backwards, causing her head to face the sky, and that it has refused to return to its usual position.

Because it was so uncommon, it was impossible to determine what kind of illness it was. The doctor scheduled her for surgery when she was transported to the hospital for a checkup, but her parents couldn’t pay the costs.

The woman explained that she sleeps all day since the discomfort subsides when she sleeps. She also said that she had a fiancee who was scheduled to marry her, but he abandoned her as soon as her illness began.

A non-profit group and donors recently gathered funding for her operation.

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