WONDERFUL: See How Two Different Oceans Meet And Will Never Mix Together (WATCH)

Foam is generated between two separate bodies of water meeting in the center of the Alaskan Gulf, as shown in this shot.

The two oceans appear to be clashing rather than merging. The foam is claimed to have formed as a result of the melting glacier, which is made up entirely of freshwater.
The salt content of ocean water is greater.

As a result, the densities of the two bodies of water differed. Because of the salinity and density disparities, a thin wall formed between the two bodies of water, preventing them from merging.

This helps to explain why the two bodies of water didn’t mingle. However, given enough time, they will ultimately blend.

The image in question was taken last year. The photographer had been sitting on the deck for some time when he observed what seemed to be a cloud shadow around five miles away from the ship.

He understood there was something unusual when the spacecraft approached the darkness. The photographer took a lot more photos, but none of them were published until a year after the image went viral…. God is the most powerful.


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