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Wow: Meet Madam Faustina Asamoah, the teacher who uses her own money to cook for pupils after the school caterer stopped cooking [WATCH]

We have been hearing of school caterers stopping feeding students due to lack of funds available to buy foodstuffs to cook for the school children.

Madam Faustina Asamoah Mensah, a teacher at Bekwai Exp Primary school has taken the verge to feed her class with her own money.

According to reports, since last week, the school feeding caterer of the current school she is teaching has stopped cooking for the little learners in the school. This has made the KG learners stop going to school.

As a good Samaritan who doesn’t want her schoolchildren to be at home, she started using her own money to cook for the children.

Information reaching us indicates that Bekwai Municipal Director of Education sent her Supervision and Monitoring Officers to the School in the early hours of yesterday to assess the feeding situation in the school and to pat on the shoulders of madam Faustina Asamoah Mensah for her dedicated service to the kids in her school.

They encourage her to keep doing her good deeds to the kids as it shows God’s works and God will bless her as the director and her officers are working hard to fix the problem they are encountering in the shortest possible time.

Check the photos below

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