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“You must do this or…” Prophet Kofi Oduro sends strong warning to Nana Addo

“You must do this or…” Prophet Kofi Oduro sends strong warning to Nana Addo

Prophet Kofi Oduro, one of the fierce men of God we have in the country right now who has no favorite politician and constantly says the truth, has voiced his utter dissatisfaction in Nana Addo and also urged him to quit.

According to the extremely outspoken preacher, Nana Addo must resign immediately because he has failed to live up to the promises and expectations of the people who elected him.

Speaking to his congregation last Sunday (18th September 2022), Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and head of Alabaster International Ministry, fired Nana Addo for mismanaging the country’s economy.

According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, Ghanaians should abandon their faith in Akufo Addo’s ability to resurrect the economy since he would never be able to do it.

After slandering Nana Addo, he said that if he were in control of the president at the time, he would have resigned because he is a man of morals.

According to reports, Kofi Oduro stated:

“If I had been President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, I would have resigned and returned safely,” he said.

Many Ghanaians’ reactions to Prophet Kofi Oduro’s recommendation to Nana Addo to quit demonstrate their outrage at Nana Addo’s incapacity.


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