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You pay ¢2 or ¢3 to NPP and shout about it; do you know how much others pay but don’t talk? – Ampaw fires Ken Agyapong

Maurice Ampaw, a private legal practitioner, has reacted to Assin Central legislator Kennedy Agyapong’s warning to the Ashanti Region Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bernard Antwi Boasiako (Chairman Wontumi).

Mr. Agyapong, according to Maurice Ampaw, should be guided in his comments about NPP personalities because he is not better than everyone in terms of contribution to the party’s growth.

He noted that while several stalwarts contribute significant financial support to the party, they do not blow their own trumpet in the same way that Kennedy Agaypong does when he makes donations.

Speaking on a local television network, Mr Ampaw, who characterized himself as a shareholder of the NPP due to the party being a public corporation, said “Kennedy Agyapong, what is your contribution to the party?” You make a public display of your two or three cedis payment to the NPP, when others do not.

“Do you realize how much other people give but don’t make a fuss about it?” Do you know how much Kufuor has given? Do you know how much Nana Addo has given to this party? Do you know how much money Ofori-Atta has given to this party? Do you know what Addo Kufuor has contributed?

Do you know what Chairman Wontumi has contributed? Their contributions are far superior than yours, but they do not yell as loudly as you do.

“Kennedy Agyapong, your sole political success is that you are an MP.” Apart from being a member of parliament, you have accomplished nothing and do not even contribute ideas in parliament. You haven’t been a minister before, you haven’t been the CEO of any state agency before, your only accomplishment is to be an MP, you can’t even compare yourself to Chairman Wontumi in politics because he has been a constituency chairman for two terms, from constituency chairman to Regional Chairman for three times, and has single-handedly footed the party’s bills.”

Maurice Ampaw’s remarks came after Kennedy Agyapong warned Chairman Wontumi to be cool in the face of internal NPP elections on Saturday, July 16.

Bernard Antwi Boasiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi, and 15 other regional chairmen, he added, were incorrect to openly express their support for a candidate.

“The signal is obvious to every senior member of the party not to come publicly and raise hands,” he remarked in an interview with Media General’s Eric Mawuena Egbeta on Sunday, July 17, at the Accra Sports Stadium.

“Where are the 16 chairmen, the 15 chairmen and the Central Regional Chairman?” They should be ashamed of themselves for being unable to choose a party.

“My brother Wontumi needs to calm down. He needs to calm down because he does not own this party. He absolutely does not. He needs to calm down.”

He added that Chairman Wontumi persuaded the other chairmen to openly raise their hands in support of certain candidates.

“They’ve all been embarrassed. If it had been anywhere, all the chairmen would resigned.”

After the election of Justin Kodua Frimpong as the party’s General Secretary, NPP firebrand Ken Agyapong may have expressed similar concerns.

Though official results have yet to be announced, fans of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) leader are clearly ecstatic.

Kennedy Agyapong Vrs Maurice Ampaw


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