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Young girl cries and calls IGP whilst she was beaten half-naket by men hired by stepfather; sad video drops

Two men hired by her stepfather flogged a 15-year-old Class Six girl while she was virtually naked.

Her ‘crime’ was not sleeping at home.

The incident occurred in the Eastern Region’s Ofoase District, in the Akyemansa District.

Threenews.com obtained video of two young males grabbing the 15-year-old while she was brushing her teeth.

On her stepfather’s orders, she was stripped naked, beaten, and her private parts were manhandled as a punishment. All of this was being taped.

“I went to sleep at my friend’s house,” the victim later explained. I was brushing my teeth when my father’s boys dumped water on me and began hitting me since I hadn’t slept at home. They would not have beaten me if I had sex with her, according to one. The other snuck pepper into my privates. I swore to notify the authorities, but my stepfather was unconcerned.”

Superintendent George Bawa, the Ofoase Ayirebi District Police Commander, confirmed the incident.

“Yes, we have a case like that.” We went to the hospital with the infant. She’s doing fine.”

When asked if the perpetrators of the crime had been apprehended, he stated that no arrests had been made.

“They are still on the loose, and the case has been handed over to the Oda Dovsu Command.”

The Children’s Act of 1998, Sections 13 (1&2), makes it explicit that a child’s right to be free of torture and punishment is limited.

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