Yvonne Nelson drops hot reply to Sark diss song, video goes viral

Yvonne Nelson has swiftly reacted to the new diss song aimed at her by her former lover Sarkodie over some claims she made about him in her popular autobiography, I am not Yvonne Nelson.

In a new song called Try Me, the legendary rapper presented his version of the events, claiming that even though he wasn’t ready at the time, he wanted her to keep the child but Yvonne refused on the grounds that she was in school.

Sarkodie talked about how he was in love with Yvonne Nelson for real, but it later turned out that he was probably only one of many guys who Yvonne had lined up like Cuban links.

He claimed that he had intended to keep that element of his life a secret until after his death, but he now feels compelled to do it because Yvonne Nelson disseminated a lie that serves her interests.

“I’m not going to lie, we had a thing. First, I thought we had a think until I had the hint that there were many guys. I tried to stay away but then you came that you were pregnant. But then I wasn’t ready but I told you to keep it.

“You told be you were schooling so you needed to complete it but till today, I don’t believe it. I told you to let my doctor take care of you and you sent a text later that your friend has recommended a one of the best doctors…

“So don’t you make it seem like I was the one pushing you for abortion. Baby girl make you no try me”, he raps on Ty Me.

The song, as expected, became viral online. The actress was drawn to this, and she quickly refuted several of his assertions.

“Insults won’t work Michael, Respect womanhood. I’m happy the world gets to see how you are playing this and the real you. Young women get to learn from this. You would get the applause for a rap. still doesn’t change the truth,” she posted.


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